Sunday, April 28, 2013

a much needed update

It's been so long since we've updated this thing that I just spent 15 minutes trying to remember my password....Anyway, here are a few updates if anyone still reads this thing

The biggest update is that Daniel passed his defense and is 100% ready for graduation on May 11th!  Huge thanks go out to all of our family and friends for all the support and love the last couple of years going through this process.  Daniel has worked immensely hard, and May 11th could not come soon enough!

House of Pillows has all new spring pillows in the Shop!  Check them out here!

We've been trying lots of new recipes lately...these two are my particular favorites at the moment.  Recipes here and here

It is officially spring....but feeling more like summer some in Greensboro.  A few weekends ago we spruced up the back porch with a fresh coat of paint on the Adirondack chairs and new plants!  We've already spent quite a few evenings out here

We've officially jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon, and I highly recommend it to all.  You can find lot's of amazing recipes here.  We've both gone almost 3 months with at least one of these a day.  Don't be scared, it's delicious and sooooooo good for you!

Back in February my mom came out to visit.  It was a lovely weekend!  So nice to have family come out!


  1. Keep posting, we read! Thanks for the update and have fun at the graduation. We wish we could be there. We'll celebrate in the fall.


  2. I always enjoy your posts!! Thanks for sharing some of the happenings/photos from life there. Really appreciate your efforts! Masa