Sunday, March 8, 2015

House of Pillows // African Textiles

Just posted some new pillows in the shop.  I'm really loving getting to work with this amazing African Mudcloth textile.  It's so exciting waiting for this stuff to come in the mail- it ships from all over the world, and takes weeks to get to me, and when I finally get to open a box of it I get so excited.  

My shop has been keeping me extremely busy- which I love- and I'm filling lots of orders each week.  I love being able to put all my creative energy into my little shop, and the fact that strangers all over the world are steadily buying what I'm making still baffles me.  The above picture is what my living room looks like on the weekends when I'm taking pictures of new stuff to pop up onto the shop- basically a total disaster. 

Here's just a few shots of the new pillows I added to the shop this week

Next week I'm adding something completely new to the shop, which I'm pretty excited about, so stay tuned!

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