Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DIY // midcentury modern TV stand

This past weekend Daniel got to work on a little project for our living room.  We have a strange little corner in our living room that's a little tight, but really the only place to put a tv.  We've been on the hunt for a piece of furniture to go in this little spot for months, with no luck.  Anything we actually liked was $500 or more, so since August our TV has been sitting on a dining room chair.  Daniel also wanted something that would accommodate his fancy speakers, and a record player he wants to purchase eventually.
A few months back i found the perfect mid century legs at my favorite antique store in Greensboro.  They were  5 bucks a piece, and I knew we'd use them for something at some point.  With the weather finally getting warmer, Daniel decided to just build a custom Tv stand.  After a trip to Home depot, and a few sketches, Daniel got to work out on the driveway.  

 I let Daniel run with this one, and all I did was pick the color of the wood stain.  
Also, please note 'classic Daniel' here- using power tools while wearing flip flops.  I know that someday this will end up badly. (can someone please help me win this battle of convincing him to stop doing this???)

 It turned out amazing, and I love it more than I could have imagined.  It's super functional, fits the corner perfectly, and I can't believe Daniel whipped it up in just a few hours.  For under $70 total, it's my new favorite piece of furniture.



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  2. That's some pretty awesome woodwork! The longer I look at the photo, the harder I find it to believe that Daniel worked on it himself. Anyway, time allotted for TV shows will definitely seem more appealing now! And it’s nice that your sound systems also have their own place now. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! All the best to you!

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