Monday, October 21, 2013

Columbus Marathon

We just got home from a wonderful weekend in Columbus, OH spending time with family and running the Columbus marathon/half marathon! The weekend was way too short, but so glad that we could get together and celebrate!  I think this might have to be the new Pappas Family tradition!

Picking up our Race packets at the fancy expo!
Family picture time at the mission house the night before the race

And of course a lot of this

Quick picture before heading to the start line
It was so nice and encouraging to have such an amazing cheering section of Erika, Steffi, Dietmar, Becky, Helen, Thomas and Gina!  Thank you guys for standing in the cold and cheering us on!

My marathon running man!  So proud of this guy!  He has trained so hard, and it was so exciting to watch him beat is previous time!  Check out his stats here!  (Don't have pics of me yet, but if you're interested, here's my 1/2 marathon stats)
Mile 26 and still looking good!

And this superwoman, Freya at mile 26!  So impressed by this one! Check out her results here!

Freya and Daniel at the finish line!

And I think it's safe to say, that this guy BLEW OUR MINDS!
Mile 26 and looking happy as can be!  What an inspiration! (race results here)

And Zach at the finish line after completing his first marathon! (results here)
Sunbathing and relishing in quite the accomplishment!

The marathoners!

All the athletes!
I'm really starting to love signing up for races with this guy

Marathoners and half marathoners!  Congrats again to Taylor for finishing her first half marathon, and of course for being my racing sidekick!  She did great, and I'm pretty sure she caught the racing bug! Check out her results here!

And of course perhaps the best was getting an updated Pappas Family photo! I love this!