Friday, August 1, 2014

An update: Summer 2014

I haven't logged into this blog for so long, and it took me about 20 minutes to figure out what my password was to get onto this thing- whoops.  Thought it might be a good idea to give an update for those of you who check this thing for updates on us:)

This summer has been a good one, but a busy one.  We moved down to Fayetteville, NC last weekend and are settling into our new home nicely.  As you may know, Daniel was offered a full time teaching position at Fayetteville Technical Community College several months ago, and we just finished our big move down here!

Over the summer we soaked up every moment we still had in Greensboro.  We've absolutely loved living there, and will always considered it 'home.'  Although we had a pretty exciting reason to move to Fayetteville, it was a bittersweet transition.  Below are a few highlights from the last few months.  Hopefully I'll be posting some photos of our new home soon:)

 We had so much fun having these three in Greensboro recently!  I got an itch to paint our new place---and these guys were so nice to come down to Fayetteville to help:)

 They even got to check out Daniel's new campus!
 A few weekends ago we all headed down to Wrightsville Beach (Wilmington).  It was a beautiful day, and so much fun!  I would also like to officially invite all of you to visit us in Fayetteville- and bribe you with a beach trip since we're now only 1.5 hours away !

 A sneak peak at our new house!  I know, I know, it needs some serious love in the yard department

 For the life of me, I have no idea why these pictures are all disordered and rotated wrong- so bad at this blog stuff now

 Back in June my cute mom came to visit. 
 Go Germany!
 In May John and Becky came to Greensboro, and as always, we so love having them around

 And probably my favorite part of the entire summer was when this amazing brother of mine came to visit me, and I had him all to myself for an entire week.  Love this kid

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