Sunday, November 16, 2014

some house updates

This weekend we did some work in Daniel's office- we painted, hung some pictures and made this little end table. I want to post some before/after pictures of every room in the house soon- we're almost there.
 Here's just a few photos of the room- We went with white walls in this room too (I know, big surprise).  The entire house use to be a very dark beige, and felt dark and cave like.  The white brightens everything up, and suddenly things feel bigger, brighter, and cleaner.  Plus, we really like the contrast of colors up against the white.

I don't know how I got so lucky and married a guy who has an eye for design- it's so fun to do this kind of thing together- Once we get going, and start brainstorming ideas with each other, we can't stop until things are finished. I love doing that kind of thing together-plus, it helps that we have similar taste. 
 After painting the room, and rearranging some furniture, we decided we would start looking for a little end table. We obviously weren't wanting to spend a lot of money, and thought we'd look until we found something.  While at Target picking up some groceries, Daniel found this little kids storage basket and we decided it would be the perfect thing to build an end table out of. GENIUS!  At $19, and with the potential to become a completely original piece of furniture, we bought it.  We found the prefect wood round table top at Home Depot for $4.50- already cut, sanded, and ready to go.  I just brushed it with some wood stain from a past project, and Daniel attached it with some screws and voila! My new favorite piece of furniture!

In other news, I found this gorgeous navy velvet, and thought it was kind of festive, so I whipped up a few Holiday pillows for the shop. 

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  1. We check your blog! Thanks for posting for "old school" people like us.