Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in Utah

 We just returned from Utah last night.  It was my first Christmas back in Utah in 6 years, and it was so fun to be back and spend some time with my family. I had a little piece of everyone, and I loved spending this special time of year with them. 

The photo above is of McCall and I just before she jetted off for Boston with her fiance, Brad to spend a few days with his family
 McCall recently got this little guy, Hank.  It was so fun to finally meet him and take him on a little walk.

 I got to spend an entire day with this lovely mom of mine, she spoiled us with pedicures and a little shopping.
 On Christmas eve we had a delicious German feast.  My dad and Daniel handled the bratwurst
 And of course, it's not Christmas without Greek Bread.  It was pretty fun sharing this tradition of ours with my family- it didn't take too long before these 4 loaves were gone.  Daniel is getting closer and closer to perfecting this family recipe!

 Christmas morning with my Dad and Jack
 And this Baba of mine!  Baba had a little tumble right before we arrived in SLC.  She fractured a vertebrae and actually spent most of the week recovering in the hospital.  Luckily, we got her back home for Christmas!  She's adjusting well to life with a walker- and anyone who knows Baba, knows she's having quite a bit of fun with that thing. 
 This guy was on bacon duty Christmas morning
 and it SNOWED Christmas morning!  It's been a while since I've had a white Christmas, and I was so excited waking up to it Christmas morning. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is here, and how lucky I was to have grown up surrounded by mountains and the very best snow on earth.

Unfortunately we had to fly home Thursday afternoon, but had a chance to sneak in a few gifts before we left.

 This brother of mine- the very best:)
 I could never soak in enough time with this brother and sister of mine.  So proud of them, and honored to be their sister.  They are pretty great
 We had a little gingerbread house making/decorating contest one night...that got a little intense and very competitive. 

 So grateful we had a chance to get out here this year and spend some time with my family:)

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