Monday, January 19, 2015

Before // After : Sewing Room

I've been meaning to post some before/after pics of our new (ish) place for a while now, and am just now getting around to it.  I thought I'd start with my little sewing room first.  It's the smallest space in the house, and really the only room that I would say is about 100% where it's going to be. 

Let me first start with the BEFORE:
 The entire house-e v v v e r y s i n n ngle room- was painted in a dull, dirty, beige color. It was bad, really bad,  and I knew it had to be the first thing to go.  A few weeks before we moved in, our landlord let us come in and paint the entire place before move in day. With the help of a few extra pappas' ( Zach, Helen, Erika) we got the job done fairly quickly.  Since we're only renting, painting the entire house on our own dime wasn't ideal-I hate putting money into someone else's place,  but once we saw what a huge difference it made, I think we'd both say now that it was worth every penny.  Paint in the end, is probably the cheapest way to make a huge difference to a place- so I would do it again in a heart beat.  
(looking at these before pictures and how horrible and dark this room looked before, just reinforces my point)
We painted every single inch of wall space, and trim in this place white white- and I am so happy we did.  It looks bigger, cleaner, and makes everything in the room pop.  As you can see, this room is tiny, so any way to create an illusion of it being bigger helps. 
 Again, since this room is so small, I wanted pretty small scale furniture- keep it simple.  I don't need a whole lot of space in a sewing room, but I do need it to be functional.  On the inside wall I used the old 'Billy' bookshelves we had in our entry way in our old place.  This has become where I store all of my for sale House of Pillow items, and  sewing supplies (zippers, pillow inserts, serger, thread, shipping supplies, etc.)  The shelves aren't very deep, which I love because it doesn't eat up precious floor space, but it has enough shelves for everything I actually use and need.
I also chose to add my favorite bamboo roman shades for the windows.  I've always been pretty lucky over the years, and have never paid more than $10 a piece for these.  We now have them, (or something very similar) on almost every window in the house. 

 This little corner is probably my new favorite spot in the house.  It's a prefect little place for taking photos for the shop.  It gets great light, and again is simple and un-cluttered.

 I decided that the opposite corner was going to be dedicated to my actual sewing workspace.  I found a great table at ikea, and love the unfinished look of it.  It's pretty fun seeing how dramatic a difference just a few small things can make to a space, and I couldn't be happier with how it all came together.  I've never had my own little work space before, and I feel so special to be able to have one.  With my little shop keeping me extra busy the last few months, it's nice to have a room dedicated to it.  It can get messy and the mess can quickly take over the whole house,  so this has been pretty fancy for me:)

I think the next room I'll reveal will be the living room!  Below are a few source links from this room:)  Also, I just added some fun new items to the shop!

Table from ikea
modern plastic chairs from amazon
wood display shelf from ikea
bookshelf  from ikea 
bamboo roman shades (purchased at The Christmas Tree store a while back for $7 a piece) similar found here 
sheepskin rug from ikea
wooden spool holder from amazon
hanging planter diy, but the pot found here  and similar diy here

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